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Villages of Samos Island

The island of Samos has an extraordinary variety of villages. Tourist villages are found along the coastline, while others are more serene and traditional. Visitors traveling throughout the island can’t help noticing the ancient and medieval structures that testify to Samos’ long history.

Some hotels and accommodation are located around these villages.

Samos adasının köyleri


Vathy, the island’s capital, and largest port, sprawls over the surrounding hillsides and offers a beautiful sea view. Meander Travel operates their ferries regularly to Vathy Port every Monday and Tuesday between April and October.


Pythagorion, one of the most beautiful villages of Samos, stands out as a lovely tourist destination in summer with its traditional architecture and beautiful beach. Meander Travel operates their ferries regularly to Pythagorion Port every day except Monday and Tuesday between April and October.


In the small port of Kokkari is a picturesque tourist resort, an old fishing village, which surprises visitors with its special atmosphere, with fishing boats and yachts moored.


Mytilini Village is a charming village famous for its interesting Natural History Museum located close to Pythagorion.


With its narrow streets, stone houses and small squares, Manolates has delicious taverns and traditional cafeterias. The surrounding area is ideal for hiking.


Marathokambos is a mountainous village built at the foot of a green hill. Nearby is Ormos Marathokambou, a beautiful harbor from which excursion boats depart for Fourni and Patmos.


Mavratzei is a small village located in the center of the island of Samos. It has a traditional architecture and offers a wonderful view of the surrounding nature.


Karlovassi, beautiful mansions and impressive greenery distinguish this small village on the north side of Samos. This is one of the most beautiful villages on the island.