Samos Villages

The villages of Samos offer a fascinating journey into the heart of Greek island life, where names and landscapes intertwine to create a rich and immersive experience…

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Samos Villages

Situated in the Aegean Sea, Samos Island has picturesque villages that embody the charm of traditional Greek island life. The villages on Samos have a tranquil and idyllic atmosphere with narrow cobbled streets, whitewashed houses decorated with vibrant bougainvillea and hospitable locals who maintain a close-knit community spirit.

Time seems to move at a leisurely pace in these villages, allowing residents and visitors to appreciate the simple pleasures of life. Tavernas and cafes serve authentic Greek cuisine, often sourced from the island’s rich agricultural bounty, including olives, grapes and fresh produce.

Samos villages also serve as gateways to the island’s natural beauty, with hiking trails leading to lush landscapes and panoramic views of the sparkling Aegean Sea. Village life in Samos encompasses a harmonious blend of tradition, hospitality and a deep connection to the island’s enchanting surroundings.

Vathy, Samos Köyleri


Vathy, the capital and largest port of the island, spreads out on the hillsides around it and offers a beautiful sea view. Meander Travel organizes daily ferry services from Kusadasi Samos to Vathy Port.

Pythagorion, Samos


Pythagorion, one of the most beautiful villages of Samos, stands out as a charming tourist resort in the summer months with its traditional architecture and beautiful beach. Meander Travel calls at the Port of Pythagorion every day between April and October with regular Kusadasi Samos ferry services Kusadasi Samos Ferry Services.

Kokkari, Samos adası


Kokkari is a picturesque tourist resort, a former fishing village that surprises visitors with its special atmosphere, where fishing boats and yachts moor in its small harbor.

Mitilini, Samos


The village of Mytilini is a charming village, famous for its interesting Natural History Museum, located close to Pythagorion.

Manolates, Samos


With its narrow streets, stone houses and small squares, Manolates has delicious tavernas and traditional cafeterias. The surrounding area is ideal for hiking.

Marathokampos, Samos


Marathokambos is a mountainous village at the foot of a green hill. Close by is Ormos Marathokambou, a beautiful harbor from which excursion boats depart for Fourni and Patmos.

Mavratzei, Samos


Mavratzei is a small village located in the center of Samos island. It has a traditional architecture and offers a wonderful view of the surrounding nature.

Karlovasi, Samos adası


Karlovassi, beautiful mansions and impressive greenery distinguish this small village on the north side of Samos. This is one of the most beautiful villages on the island.

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Kusadasi Samos Ferry Schedules

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