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We offer daily Kusadasi Samos ferry services with multiple departure times to choose from between the ports of Pythagorion and Vathy.

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About Samos Island

A picturesque Greek island in the eastern Aegean Sea, Samos has a rich history, natural beauty, and cultural significance. Known for its lush landscapes, Samos is dotted with verdant hills, olive groves, and vineyards that produce the famous Samian wine.

The island is also steeped in antiquity, being the birthplace of ancient mathematician Pythagoras and home to the Heraion, a sanctuary dedicated to the goddess Hera. Visitors can explore the charming capital Vathy, characterized by its neoclassical architecture and narrow cobbled streets.

The island’s coastline offers stunning beaches, including the popular Potokaki and Tsamadou, where azure waters lap the sandy shores. Seamlessly blending the charm of ancient history with the pleasures of contemporary island life, Samos is a fascinating destination for those seeking a harmonious blend of tradition and relaxation.

Kusadasi Samos ferry services with Meander Travel ferries provide a convenient way to explore both Turkish and Greek destinations. Located on the west coast of Turkey, Kusadasi is a gateway for those who want to take a ferry to Samos.

Meander Travel ferries offer a comfortable and scenic daily route between Kusadasi and Samos to both the ports of Vathy and Pythagorion. The ferry ride allows passengers to enjoy breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea during the approximately 1 hour and 15-minute journey.

Travelers can enjoy the convenience of a ferry connection that allows them to explore the cultural richness of Samos, its different cities, and the surrounding natural beauty. Whether one is interested in historical sites, pristine beaches, or traditional Greek hospitality, Samos has something to offer for every type of traveler.

You can find a lot of information about the island of Samos on this page and make your vacation an unforgettable experience!!!

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The tastes of Turks and Greeks, who have lived together for centuries, are naturally quite similar. The famous flavors of the island of Samos are actually very similar to the tastes we are used to from Turkish cuisine. It is very easy for a Turk going to Samos to find dishes suitable for his taste!

Samos Plajları


Livadaki, one of the sandy beaches of Samos, is only 7-8 km away from Vathi, the center of Samos. The beautiful sea, the light music playing, the delicious food and the beautiful sea that will welcome you at the end of the road make Livadaki a different place!

Psili Ammos beach in the south of Samos is a natural setting with tamarind bushes and small sand dunes. Posidonion, also known as the viewpoint, is a breathtakingly beautiful beach perfect for swimming.

At the end of a lush green path through pine and olive trees, Tsamadou beach awaits you.

Potakaki is the perfect spot to relax with comfortable sun loungers and a wide beach! Kokkari central beach in the Kokkari area is very lively and the nightlife is very active. Avlakai is a hidden paradise on the northwestern side of the island. On its quiet beach, small and talash restaurants await you with the local flavors of the island.

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Samos is a favorite among tourists and there is accommodation for every budget. If you prefer a local island experience in small hotels and decent family pensions, you can choose to stay in central Vathy, Pythagorion and Kokkari.

You can embark on an unforgettable journey with Samos Tours, where we perfectly blend convenience and comfort to make your vacation extraordinary, including round-trip ferry ticket, port taxes, bed / breakfast accommodation and travel insurance.

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You can rent a car on the island for city travel and easier and more comfortable transportation to the beaches and bays. There is a bus option everywhere you want to go in the city! You can easily take the bus to go to famous beaches and bays. You can find Samos bus schedules and details on this page.

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Turkish people are warm-blooded and hospitable. In this respect, the inhabitants of Greek islands will make you feel like you are in Turkey. Especially on islands like Samos, which is close to our country, you will see that the shopkeepers love to host Turks and you will feel like a part of the island!

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