Places to Visit in Samos Island

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Places to Visit in Samos Island

A picturesque Greek island in the eastern Aegean Sea, Samos offers a delightful array of attractions for travelers seeking a mix of natural beauty, history and culture.

A must-visit on the island is the ancient city of Pythagoreion, named after the famous mathematician Pythagoras. Here you can explore well-preserved ruins, including the Temple of Hera and the Eupalinos Tunnel, which showcase the island’s rich history.

Another gem is the charming town of Kokkari with its idyllic beaches, traditional Greek tavernas and vibrant nightlife. Nature enthusiasts will be mesmerized by Samos’ lush nature, especially the Potami Waterfalls and tranquil Potami Beach. For those interested in wine, a trip to the Samos Wine Museum and a tasting of the island’s famous sweet Muscat wine is a must.

With its diverse attractions and warm hospitality, Samos offers an unforgettable Mediterranean experience.

Samos Heraion Tapınağı

Heraion Temple

Legend has it that the goddess Hera was born and raised here. For this reason, a sanctuary to Hera (Heraion) was built in antiquity. The temple was destroyed in the 6th century BC for unknown reasons, the renovation was never completed and the sanctuary was later converted into a Christian church.

Samos Eupalinus Tüneli

Eupalinus Tunnel

This tunnel has dried up today, but it was once the aqueduct of the ancient city of Samos and one of the greatest technological achievements of antiquity.

Samos Lykourgos Logothesis Kalesi

Lykourgos Logothetis Castle

Built in the 19th century by Lykourgos Logothetis, leader of the Samian Revolution against the Turks, this castle has two Roman galleries and a beautiful church in its courtyard.

Samos Arkeoloji Müzesi

Archaeology Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Vathy is located close to the harbor and houses findings from excavations on the island from the Prehistoric to Hellenistic periods. The most impressive exhibit is the Colossal Kouros, a 5.5 m tall statue of a man.

Samos Pythagorion Arkeoloji Müzesi

Pythagorion Archaeology Museum

The museum is located in the Town Hall of Pythagorion and contains sculptures, inscriptions, statues and tomb fragments from the Archaic and Roman periods.

Samos Roma Hamamları

Roman Baths

Just outside Pythagorion, on the road to the airport, are the ruins of a large Hellenistic gymnasium. During the Roman period, this gymnasium was converted into a bathhouse.

Samos Pisagor Mağarası

Pythagoras Cave

This cave is where the famous mathematician Pythagoras hid while pursuing political opponents. It is located on the western side of the island, on a steep cliff close to Marathokambos.

Samos Şarap Müzesi

Samos Wine Museum

The Samos Wine Museum is housed in a magnificent 19th-century stone building, originally operated as a private winery and later as a warehouse and barrel-making facility. Converted in 2005 into a Museum, it exhibits artifacts of the defining history of Samos wine.

Samos Folklor Müzesi

Folklore Museum

Located in the Doryssa Bay Hotel, the Folklore Museum depicts daily life on the island since the Second World War and includes agricultural tools, clothing, furniture and other exhibits.

Samos Panagia Spiliani Manastırı

Panagia Spiliani Monastery

The Monastery of Panagia Spiliani is situated on a hilltop in Pythagorion and its location offers a wonderful view of the city and the harbor.

Samos Samiopoula Adası

Samiopula Islet

The island, whose name means “little Samos” and is easily accessible from the ports of Pythagorion and Ormos Marathokambos, attracts many visitors who come to relax with its beauty and two sandy beaches.

Samos Potami Şelaleleri


Near Karlovassi there is a region of natural beauty with lush greenery, small rivers and waterfalls near Potami. This is a very ideal place for wandering in nature.

Samos Doğa Tarihi Müzesi

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum houses a special collection in the village of Mitilli. Its exhibits include fossils of animals that lived on the island of Samos millions of years ago. It also has a collection of minerals and rare stones.

Places to Visit in Samos, Samos İlyas Peygamber Manastırı

Prophet Elijah Monastery

The Monastery of the Prophet Elijah was built in the 17th century and restored in the 18th century by the monk Gregorios and is located 4 km south of Karlovassi.

Samos Mesihin Tecellisi Kilisesi

Church of the Manifestation of Christ

The Church of the Transfiguration of Christ is located right next to the Logothetis Castle in Pythagorion. It was built in the 1830s by Lykourgos Logothetis, leader of the Samian Revolution, after a victory over the Turks.

Samos Deri Tabaklama Müzesi

Leather Tanning Museum

Once one of the most important industries on the island, tanning now presents its history as a museum in a former leather processing factory in Karlovassi.

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